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Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls

  • $ 44.99

(12 Count Box)

Tour Caliber Urethane Golf Ball 
The Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball has been tested with Wilson professional players on the PGA Tour and is currently in play with over 25 players on the European Senior Tour and various U.S. mini-tours. 
  • The new FG Tour provides distance performance as long or longer than any competitive urethane golf ball.
  • Spins as high or higher than any other tour balls which is what the best players require and will notice.
Wilson Staff FG Tour Urethane Golf Balls 
The FG Tour was developed by Wilson LABS in collaboration with Wilson’s
Advisory Staff panel of Golf Professionals to ensure performance that only a
4-piece cast urethane golf ball can provide.
  • OUTER MANTLE:  Surlyn outer mantle layer for maximum distance performance
  • INNER MANTLE:  HPF Blend inner mantle for soft feel and control on short iron/wedge shots
  • CORE:  Small high-cis polybutadiene core for optimal velocity
  • DIMPLE PATTERN:  362 seamless dimple pattern to optimize trajectory for maximum distance performance
  • COVER:  Cast urethane cover for optimum spin and control on irons and wedges

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