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Tifosi Optics Pro Escalate SF Sunglasses Kit

  • $ 69.95

Tifosi's Escalate glasses feature their patent-pending Interchangeable Component System that not only allows different lenses to be swapped out, but entire frame faces as well for full, half, or frameless setups. This S.F. kit includes the full frame and frameless designs in one custom zippered case along with two lenses for each style (4 lenses total). The lightweight TR90 frames are durable and flexible and feature hydrophilic adjustable ear and nose pads so they stay secure even with perspiration. Vivid optics are made possible by decentered polycarbonate lenses that prevent distortion and sharpen up peripheral view. Along with being vented to reduce fogging during high intensity activity, they also offer impact protection so bugs and rocks will safely deflect while riding.


  • Universal Escalate Arms
  • Full Frame ICS Face with 2 Lenses
  • 2 Frameless Shield Lenses
  • Custom Zippered Impact Shell Case
  • Cleaning Bag

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