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SuperStroke Traxion Flatso XL+ 2.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Traxion Flatso XL+ 2.0 Putter Grip

  • $ 29.99

Featuring a slightly oversized, pentagonal shape, the Super Stroke Traxion Flatso Putter Grip helps golfers produce a more stable, reliable stroke. SuperStroke's XL Plus Series grips measure 13.75 inches, which is 3.25 inches longer than the SuperStroke's standard length. The extra length is designed for golfers who use mid-length putters or want a little extra counter-balance. No Taper Technology utilizes a parallel design to create a uniform lower hand profile for minimized grip pressure. Traxion Control and Spyne technologies combine to enable proper hand placement and stroke consistency throughout your entire round.

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