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Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart GX Push Carts

  • $ 259.99

Speed Cart® is one of the most revolutionary products in golf. Prior to Speed Cart’s introduction in 1999, three-wheeled, ergonomically efficient, folding push carts did not exist in the marketplace. Through the years, we updated Speed Cart numerous times. Speed Cart GX is our latest generation in a rich history.

Did you know we also have accessories for the Speed Cart GX? Check out our accessories here!


17.85 LBS.
W 37” X H 16” X D 13”
  •  The redesigned handle allows for a larger mesh headcover tray.

  • Built-in bracket holds the Speed Cart seat or an industrial sand/seed bottle holder.

  • Mesh basket comes standard.

  • Improved upper and lower bag brackets easily adjust to hold your bag.

  • Folds in two easy steps.

  • Tracking system allows for easy adjustment, if needed.

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