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Replay Golf Titleist Pro V1/V1x Refurbished Balls

  • $ 24.95

At Replay Golf, golf balls are recycled with the same technology used to manufacture new golf balls. By using the most modern equipment in manufacturing Replay Golf can reprocess golf balls and contribute to the recovery of their lost properties. Maximum quality at the best price. Replay Golf receives and retrieves golf balls from the most prestigious golf courses all over the world, contributing to preserve golf courses and reduce the world’s pollution and waste accumulation. Did you know that a golf ball can take up to 1000 years to decompose? Help preserve the environment and our natural habitat by using second hand golf balls.

Titleist Prov1/1x is one of the leading tour balls in the market. The Replay Golf refurbish processes uses almost identical equipment to the ones used to manufacture new golf balls, providing homogeneous clear coat and surface of the ball for better aerodynamics than when the ball starts to be used in play. It’s a completely earth friendly product which helps preserve golf courses and the environment.

  • Titleist Prov1/1x is one of the leading Tour golf Ball in the market
  • Best value proposition regarding Quality & Performance vs Price
  • Eco friendly product which reduces overall world pollution


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