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Plumber's Neck Putter Adapter

Plumber's Neck Putter Adapter

  • $ 795

This precision cast, stainless steel adapter is designed to fit virtually any putter with a 0.370" parallel bore 90° socket and transform it into an entirely different putter regardless of manufacturer. The Plumber's Neck adapter converts a right-handed putter designed to have a compound double bend shaft with the proper lie/offset and accept a straight shaft. Weighs 44g. Creates a 72° lie angle. This has an attractive neutral bead blast finish.

Directions: Simply test fit stem into the putter's socket as it should be a tight fit. If it does not fit, lightly hand sand stem until it is snug. Apply quick setting epoxy to stem, seat and align adapter and allow the epoxy to harden. Lastly, install the new shaft - it's that simple!

Plumber's Neck Putter Adapter installation

Model # Weight
H003-001 44

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