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Ping Golf Shaft Adaptors and Ferrules

  • $ 2699

Variety of ferrules designed for reshafting Ping Golf Clubs.

  • Ping G410-G425 Driver and Fairway Wood Adaptor .335:  Ping 410 adaptors now offer greater adjustments over the previous G Series adjustable club heads. The G410-G425 shaft adaptors offers 8 different loft/lie settings with up to 3⁰ of loft adjustments and fits all adjustable Ping 410 series drivers and fairways. Available in both RH and LH.
  • Ping G Series Adaptor Ferrule:  The Ping G Series adjustable drivers and fairways adaptors now require a ferrule for reshafting. This ferrule is a softer more pliable plastic that features a specific outside and inside diameter making standard ferrules useless during reshafting. The G Series replacement ferrule allows you to reshaft your existing Ping adaptor with an exact replacement in both size and look.  .335 & .370 Avail.
  • Ping G410-G425 Hybrid Adaptor .370:  G410 and G425 Hybrid adaptor allows for 8 different loft/lie settings with up to 3⁰ of loft adjustments. The added adjustability allows for the G410 and G425 Hybrid's ball flight and distance to be dialed in to each players specific needs. Available in both RH and LH.
  • Ping G410 .355 Iron Ferrule:  Ping G410 Iron Oversized Ferrules Feature a .545" OD and .28" Long insertion collar necessary for reshafting the Ping Glider Wedges.
  • Ping G Series Shaft Adaptor .335:  Ping G Series shaft adaptor sleeve adds +/- 1 degree of adjustability and allows for multiple shafts to be used in the all Ping adjustable drivers and fairways starting with the 2014 Ping G30 and after (see below for all compatible models). Available in RH, .335" and LH, .335". (Compatible Drivers and Fairways: G400, G400 Max, G400 LST, G400 SFT, G400 Stretch, G30, G, G LS Tec, G SF Tec, G Stretch, Rhapsody)
  • .335 Ping i20 / G / Rapture Driver Ferrule:  Ping shaft adaptor designed for the I20 and all the G series drivers and fairways. Also fits the Ping Rapture and Rapture V2 drivers. Available in both .335" and .350".

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