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Orlimar Golf V18 D.I.A.L. Adjustable Driver

  • $ 399.95

Orlimar Golf Are You Dialed In?The Orlimar V18 Driver could be the most advanced movable weight system you’ve ever seen. Not one track or two tracks of movement, but a full 360 degrees of weight adjusting freedom around the entire sole’s perimeter. The never-before seen D.I.A.L. (Diametrically Adjustable Launch) technology allows you to rotate sole weighting 360 degrees in one of 8 preset locations for tour level fitting. Do you want slice-reduction? Set it to the heel. High MOI? Set it to the back. Lower spin? Set it towards the face. That baby fade? Set it towards the toe. Or anywhere in between... it’s your choice!

The Orlimar V18 driver offers a fresh new twist on adjustable driver performance for all levels of golfers. What makes it so unique?

First, it is constructed from a new aerospace alloy material (8-1-1 Titanium) that is 10% lighter than what typical 6-4 titanium drivers are made from as well as an improved strength to weight ratio.  The skeletal soled body and the ultra-thin crown (0.8mm thick) drastically reduces the overall weight while providing the foundation to a low center of gravity design.  The importance of this is it increases the amount of discretionary weight allowable for adjustability.

The key feature of the Orlimar V18 driver is an 8-position rotatable sole which weighs an enormous 35 grams including an offset tungsten weight. The offset tungsten weight on the sole shifts the center of gravity when rotated which alters the ball flight or what we call D.I.A.L. (Diametrically Adjustable Launch) Technology. You can increase the MOI and launch angle by rotating the red line on the dial sole to the rear, reducing spin by moving that red line to the face or create fades or draws by placing it in the toe or heel positions.   In seconds, one can fine-tune the V18 dial sole to suit the player’s needs.Orlimar V18 Tungsten Weighted Soleplate

Easy to Use

The Orlimar V18 driver comes with everything you need to fine-tune your game. As shipped, it will look like an ordinary driver as the soleplate and locking screw will be flush with the bottom of the sole.


Model Loft Lie Volume Length Flex
9.5 9.5º 58.0º 442 cc 45.0" A,R,S,X
10.5 10.5º 58.0º 442 cc 45.0" A,R,S,X

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