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Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board Graphite Shafts

  • $ 99.99

THE ORIGINAL DIAMANA SERIES: THE SHAFT THAT WINS. AND WINS. AND WINS. It’s not often that a product comes along that is so widely adopted and embraced by the most demanding and discriminating players in the World. Our Diamana Series has achieved that, and we’ve got the wins to prove it. No other driver shaft accounts for more wins last year on the PGA TOUR®…no other brand even comes close. Diamana has also racked up numerous wins on the European PGA Tour® and the LPGA Tour®. There’s a simple reason the Diamana Series has been so popular with the best players in the world. They win with it.

FOR THE PLAYER WHO WANTS AN EXTREMELY STABLE AND SMOOTH SHAFT. Diamana Blue Board is a balanced profile that provides the optimum blend of power and stability. Blue Board players are looking for a shaft that will respond fully to adjustments made for specific shots. 

TIP SECTION - A stiff tip-section helps stabilize the shaft and creates a strong penetrating ball flight.

MID SECTION - A stable mid-section provides a balanced and responsive feel with less kick than other profiles.

BUTT SECTION - A stable butt section provides control and stability at the top of the back swing.


DRIVER 3 WOOD 5 WOOD 7 WOOD 9 WOOD 0” 0.5” 0.75” 1.0” 1.0”

Length: 46"

Weight: 77 grams

Tip: .335

Tip: 3.0"

Torque: 3.0°

Kick PT.: Mid

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