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Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face Tour Rack RAW Wedge

  • $ 179.99

RTX Full-Face is made to chase low scores. The full-length UltiZip Grooves and advanced High-Toe Profile put swing thoughts in their place. Plus, its engine is made of our revolutionary ZipCore. So, go ahead. Open that face and go for the lob shot. You’ve got what it takes.

RTX FULL-FACE Tour Rack with ZIPCORE wedge. When there’s a bunker between you and your bragging rights, you’d better be certain the club in your hands can deliver the flawless flop you’re about to pull off. Because it'll take more than just a wedge, you need a flop shot machine. That's where RTX Full Face comes into play.

  • Dynamic Golf Spinner Tour Issue Steel Shaft

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