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Champ Golf C8 13 Piece Ultimate Performance Game Changing Grips Set

  • $ 59.99

The C8 Performance Set has been designed to offer the golfer a complete set of 13 grips that all have a specific benefit for your golf clubs. Champ has split the 13 grips into POWER, CONTROL and FEEL. The POWER grips are made from TPO/Tacky/Kevlar/Anti Shock, have a firm feel and are designed for the driver, 3/5 woods and hybrids. The CONTROL grips are made from TPO/Tacky/Anti Shock, have a medium feel and are designed for the low to mid irons. The FEEL grips are made from TPO/Tacky and have a soft feel, and are designed for the high irons and wedges. The Ultimate Performance Set is available with 13 Jet Black or Cool White grips. This performance set offers a custom grip collection at a value price.

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