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Fourteen TF Forged Wedges

  • $ 119.99

Available in men's right hand only.

Not only does this design allow both exceptional high spin performance and stability, but players will be able to execute any approach shots that they dream. Tour players will understand its true value just from one wedge shot and will definitely be impressed by the quality and its results.

Reverse Muscle Design

Fourteen Golf relies on our original “reverse muscle-back” design to provide enhanced stability in the TF-Wedge. This enables the weight to be proportioned throughout the blade and club head, resulting in a smooth swing each time.

Tour Inspired Sole & Face Shapes


Tour players like to create different shots using the same wedge so the engineers rounded the toe and heel area and actually removed the back portion of the sole. These modifications allow golfers to open and close the face, promoting a variety of shots.

Head Material:

Nickel chrome molybdenum steel


Plated, Satin Oil Can


DYNAMIC GOLD S400 Steel Shaft (Wedge/132g)


Model 52/10 56/10 60/10
Loft 52 56 60
Lie 63.5 64 64
Bounce 10 10 10
Length 35.5 inch 35.25 inch 35 inch
Club Weight (Balance)
Dynamic Gold
472g(D3.5) 474g(D3.5) 478g(D3.5)

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